Build 8 of Readapt is here! Changelog + GIFS included.

Download it here. Despite wanting to put updates out on a more regular basis I seem to be doing the opposite. But at least Readapt looks and feels more different with each iteration.

Shifting player size modifier and env health state visuals.


Here’s what new this time.


  •  Scaled size, movement speed, projectile speed and duration scaled down as 4 player matches could get too crowded.
  • Starting positions have been adjusted due to arena size, players will spawn in front of their bases for the defend the base objective.
  • No teleport abilities will randomise when players are path restricted in movement.
  • Defend objective does not randomise with path restricted in movement.
  • Player pointer location scales dynamically with player scale.
  • Gravity well effect only randomises when env objects are normal in dimensions.
  • Set and recall teleport ability has been added.
  • Added explosive modifier for environmental objects.
  • Added shifting shot weapon which changes in size over time.
  • Repel projectile terminates when hitting env objects.
  • Different shapes for the bomber weapon to randomise between have been added.
  • Rectangular environmental object modifier removed.
  • Shifting player size modifier added that alters player dimensions over time.
  • Environmental modifiers now alters how they are arranged.
  • Show modifiers option is toggled off by default.
  • Boost bad modifier for environmental objects has been removed.
  • Survive objective has double the chance of occurring compared to other objectives.
Explosive environmental object modifier in action.


  • Player and score overlay sprites updated.
  • Colours changed for different surface properties.
  • Slow time effect reduced when round ends to ensure smoother camera shake.
  • Projectile trails colour matches player color.
  • Capture point visuals have been restored.
  • Gravity well effect on environmental objects is now visualised with a circle showing it’s area of effect.
  • Hit particles added. Death particles have been reworked.
  • Black hole visuals have been replaced with particles.
  • Aspect ratio is now forced to 16:9.
  • Environmental object health states and outlines have been added.
  • Objective UI text simplified to single words.
  • Cleaner buttons and labels have been added to menus.
  • Scaled projectile trail width with projectile scale.
  • Death shake amount reduced.
New particle effects!


  • Boomerang sounds tweaked, shortened and should no longer clip.
  • Hit sound should no longer clip.
  • New ghost activate and deactivate ability sounds.
  • New wave sounds.
  • Speed power up sounds shortened.
  • New curve shot sound.
  • New ghost ability sounds
  • New base damage sound.
New bomber weapon shapes that include squares, semi-circles and triangles.


  • Internal cooldown for sprint reduced.
  • Ghost ability drains slower.
  • Cross shot projectile moves quicker.
  • Time field ability accelerating effect has been increased.
  • Power up spawn position is now randomised around the centre.
  • The larger a black hole the smaller it’s duration.
  •  Walls close in a little slower when round time expires. Staggered movement for walls has been standardised.
  • Movement momentum speed increased.
  • Wave weapon speed increased and projectile path is more curvy.
  • Player fast movement speed modifier nerfed slightly.
  • Defend objective objectives health has been reduced from 3 to 2.
Restored capture visuals and new gravity well visuals.

Bug Fixes

  • Remote shotgun and bomber weapon can no longer be activated when game is paused.
  • Reflect ability cannot be deactivated when game is paused.
  • Self destructs statistics should be accurate now. Self destructs for player 3 and 4 will also display correctly at the end game summary screen.
  • Player positions will correctly reset in 4 player games.
  • Player positions should reset properly when path restricted.
  • AI wins for custom score limits have been fixed.
  • Angular drag increased to prevent constantly spinning AI.
  • Initial stage of remote shotgun now correctly destroys when colliding with players or neutral surfaces.
  • Taking damage correctly gives one second of invulnerability.
  • Disabling the test phase no longer plays all countdown sounds at the same time when the game begins.
  • Cross shot projectile now removes correctly when hitting neutral surfaces and cancels out when hitting other projectiles.
  • Music now randomises properly after resetting game more than once.
  • Boomerang projectile can no longer be returned when game is paused.
  • Activated bomber projectile collider is now the correct size.
  • Black hole effect now works correctly when combined and it’s position is consistent with the pre existing black hole’s location.
  • Explosions for bomber projectile and environmental objects no longer move.
  • AI hit detection should occur normally after a round with the ghost ability.
  • Environmental objects correctly take damage from non projectile sources.
  • Initial stage of the reverse shotgun will correctly reflect off objects.
  • Fixed a bug where AI would not shoot bases when no player targets are left.
  • Environmental objects can no longer duplicate when paused.
  • UI sounds now work correctly in the pause menu.
  • Constant collisions of players into environmental objects no longer incorrectly does damage.
  • Health power up no longer increases player health beyond the maximum limit and player sprite correct displays the effect.
  • Power up that shrinks player size now works as intended.
  • Bomber weapon now damages player bases correctly.
  • AI hit detection should occur normally after a round with the ghost ability.
  • AI now utilises the tele projectile and dash ability correctly.
  • Dash ability cycles properly after the first use and shows correct cooldown.
  • Dash ability correctly works in conjunction with speed power up.
  • Time fields now effect AI movement correctly.
  • Wave projectiles now turn according to time scale.
  • Neutral block ability now correctly has 3 health.
  • Abilities are no longer incorrectly disabled when a player is the only one left.
Player specific colour trails help show who is shooting and is useful when vision is limited.

Thanks for checking out this update of Readapt, send any feedback at me here or on Twitter. I’ll be updating the IndieDB page tomorrow and expect a new gameplay video too.


Changelog for Readapt Build 6

This post will list all the changes contained in build 6 which you can get right here.

UI and Menu Improvements

  • Arrow keys can also be used in conjunction with W, A, S, D keys in menus.
  • Added a start game button in the player select menu to replace an additional input button to start a game.
  • Colour of the UI has been adjusted for player select screen and gameplay for better visibility.
  • Player select screen layout rearranged and menu size increased to be more visible and easier to use.
  • Added an option to return to player select screen when paused or at the end of the game.
  • If the show modifiers option is toggled on they will be shown during the countdown.
  • Now tracks number of rounds and displays them at the end game summary screen.
  • Numbers for start of round countdown removed, but sound remains.
  • Music and sound effect volume can be customised in the option section of the main menu.
  • All player settings are saved and will be recalled when returning back to the main menu  or when the game is launched again.

Gameplay Changes

  • Different game modes can be selected at the player select screen including Score (default),
  • Stock (players start with five lives and lose one per death) and a single round mode.
  • Speed setting added to player select screen with 3 settings (Slow, Normal and Fast).
  • Players will reset to original positions when round starts to allow time to experiment with movement.
  • Added modifier to change shape of environmental objects.
  • At the end of rounds the walls can close in fast and pause at periodic intervals.
  • Added modifier to rotate environmental objects.
  • Different number of AI can be selected and is compatible with all modes.
  • Repel ability now inverts direction when they collide and can now modify to light blue.

Visual Changes

  • More visual indications of who is capturing, color of player forms a square ring around the point.
  • Place holder black hole animation added.
  • Altered score overlay for players to make health values clearer when at maximum stocks.
  • Readjusted colours used for randomised backgrounds to make them easier to view.
  • Projectile trail removed, as it would often clutter up the screen.
  • Player sprites at the player select screen should reflect the value of the health setting.
  • Player sprites should appear or disappear according to number of players or AI selected in the player select screen.

Balance Changes

  • More delay added to delayed player pointer.
  • Reverse shotgun projectile size increased.
  • Increased cooldown for the charge weapon when not charging.
  • The repel ability now to originates from pointer rather than from the player.
  • Projectiles destroy themselves on contact with white objects.
  • Added a slight rate of fire cooldown to the rapid trigger weapon.
  • Boomerang weapon grows in size immediately on return.
  • Ghost ability internal cooldown increased to discourage activating and deactivating rapidly.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated to Unity 5.
  • Optimised music quality to reduce file size.
  • Menu music now plays when quitting from gameplay.
  • Music only re-randomises when restarting once during gameplay.
  • Music no longer overlaps when re-randomising.
  • Music continues to play properly when the game is paused.
  • Hit boxes of players are more accurate and properly represent their sprites.
  • Line paths are no longer partially hidden by the capzone.
  • Clicking on various UI elements will no longer highlight them  incorrectly.
  • Lines used for black hole, bomber or player paths will now properly remove after each round.
  • Fixed an issue where AI obstacle avoidance would remain active when players were playing.
  • Countdown beeps at start of rounds are now more accurate.
  • Music intro and looping during gameplay now syncs properly and the timing is independent of time scale.
  • Game pauses correctly if paused immediately after the countdown at the start of the round.
  • All abilities the require held input is now correctly used by AI with respect to cooldowns and their pointers will now show when they are using abilities and when cooldowns are active.
  • A game can no longer start if no AI or players are ready.
  • When a round is ending players can no longer die.
  • Stocks will now properly reset when choosing to restart the game at the end for stock mode.
  • Default player preferences now default to correct values when game is first launched.
  • Reflector ability correctly shows yellow instead of grey filling player points when in use.
  • Fixed a bug where player one did not win when multiple AI were defeated in stock mode.
  • Added AI behaviour to allow use of two stage abilities.
  • Cleaned up obsolete references and code.

Phew that’s everything! As promised there will be a gameplay video this week showing how all these changes manifest in the game. Thanks for checking out the changes and as always let me know what you think.