Readapt Gameplay Video of Build 8

Here is a gameplay video of build 8 that I made earlier this week. I talk over and explain how the game works and some of the changes. A gameplay video was pretty overdue as the last one is two builds old and a lot has changed since then. As always I love to get some feedback,  you can download this build and see the full list of changes here.



Build 8 of Readapt is here! Changelog + GIFS included.

Download it here. Despite wanting to put updates out on a more regular basis I seem to be doing the opposite. But at least Readapt looks and feels more different with each iteration.

Shifting player size modifier and env health state visuals.


Here’s what new this time.


  •  Scaled size, movement speed, projectile speed and duration scaled down as 4 player matches could get too crowded.
  • Starting positions have been adjusted due to arena size, players will spawn in front of their bases for the defend the base objective.
  • No teleport abilities will randomise when players are path restricted in movement.
  • Defend objective does not randomise with path restricted in movement.
  • Player pointer location scales dynamically with player scale.
  • Gravity well effect only randomises when env objects are normal in dimensions.
  • Set and recall teleport ability has been added.
  • Added explosive modifier for environmental objects.
  • Added shifting shot weapon which changes in size over time.
  • Repel projectile terminates when hitting env objects.
  • Different shapes for the bomber weapon to randomise between have been added.
  • Rectangular environmental object modifier removed.
  • Shifting player size modifier added that alters player dimensions over time.
  • Environmental modifiers now alters how they are arranged.
  • Show modifiers option is toggled off by default.
  • Boost bad modifier for environmental objects has been removed.
  • Survive objective has double the chance of occurring compared to other objectives.
Explosive environmental object modifier in action.


  • Player and score overlay sprites updated.
  • Colours changed for different surface properties.
  • Slow time effect reduced when round ends to ensure smoother camera shake.
  • Projectile trails colour matches player color.
  • Capture point visuals have been restored.
  • Gravity well effect on environmental objects is now visualised with a circle showing it’s area of effect.
  • Hit particles added. Death particles have been reworked.
  • Black hole visuals have been replaced with particles.
  • Aspect ratio is now forced to 16:9.
  • Environmental object health states and outlines have been added.
  • Objective UI text simplified to single words.
  • Cleaner buttons and labels have been added to menus.
  • Scaled projectile trail width with projectile scale.
  • Death shake amount reduced.
New particle effects!


  • Boomerang sounds tweaked, shortened and should no longer clip.
  • Hit sound should no longer clip.
  • New ghost activate and deactivate ability sounds.
  • New wave sounds.
  • Speed power up sounds shortened.
  • New curve shot sound.
  • New ghost ability sounds
  • New base damage sound.
New bomber weapon shapes that include squares, semi-circles and triangles.


  • Internal cooldown for sprint reduced.
  • Ghost ability drains slower.
  • Cross shot projectile moves quicker.
  • Time field ability accelerating effect has been increased.
  • Power up spawn position is now randomised around the centre.
  • The larger a black hole the smaller it’s duration.
  •  Walls close in a little slower when round time expires. Staggered movement for walls has been standardised.
  • Movement momentum speed increased.
  • Wave weapon speed increased and projectile path is more curvy.
  • Player fast movement speed modifier nerfed slightly.
  • Defend objective objectives health has been reduced from 3 to 2.
Restored capture visuals and new gravity well visuals.

Bug Fixes

  • Remote shotgun and bomber weapon can no longer be activated when game is paused.
  • Reflect ability cannot be deactivated when game is paused.
  • Self destructs statistics should be accurate now. Self destructs for player 3 and 4 will also display correctly at the end game summary screen.
  • Player positions will correctly reset in 4 player games.
  • Player positions should reset properly when path restricted.
  • AI wins for custom score limits have been fixed.
  • Angular drag increased to prevent constantly spinning AI.
  • Initial stage of remote shotgun now correctly destroys when colliding with players or neutral surfaces.
  • Taking damage correctly gives one second of invulnerability.
  • Disabling the test phase no longer plays all countdown sounds at the same time when the game begins.
  • Cross shot projectile now removes correctly when hitting neutral surfaces and cancels out when hitting other projectiles.
  • Music now randomises properly after resetting game more than once.
  • Boomerang projectile can no longer be returned when game is paused.
  • Activated bomber projectile collider is now the correct size.
  • Black hole effect now works correctly when combined and it’s position is consistent with the pre existing black hole’s location.
  • Explosions for bomber projectile and environmental objects no longer move.
  • AI hit detection should occur normally after a round with the ghost ability.
  • Environmental objects correctly take damage from non projectile sources.
  • Initial stage of the reverse shotgun will correctly reflect off objects.
  • Fixed a bug where AI would not shoot bases when no player targets are left.
  • Environmental objects can no longer duplicate when paused.
  • UI sounds now work correctly in the pause menu.
  • Constant collisions of players into environmental objects no longer incorrectly does damage.
  • Health power up no longer increases player health beyond the maximum limit and player sprite correct displays the effect.
  • Power up that shrinks player size now works as intended.
  • Bomber weapon now damages player bases correctly.
  • AI hit detection should occur normally after a round with the ghost ability.
  • AI now utilises the tele projectile and dash ability correctly.
  • Dash ability cycles properly after the first use and shows correct cooldown.
  • Dash ability correctly works in conjunction with speed power up.
  • Time fields now effect AI movement correctly.
  • Wave projectiles now turn according to time scale.
  • Neutral block ability now correctly has 3 health.
  • Abilities are no longer incorrectly disabled when a player is the only one left.
Player specific colour trails help show who is shooting and is useful when vision is limited.

Thanks for checking out this update of Readapt, send any feedback at me here or on Twitter. I’ll be updating the IndieDB page tomorrow and expect a new gameplay video too.

Build 7 is done, here are the changes and some GIFs!

This is another big update to Readapt which you can download here, the updates keep getting bigger so here is a bigger wall of text than last time but I’ll drop some GIFS here too.


  • Added a test phase at the start of each round where players can freely experiment with weapons, abilities and movement. Players are invulnerable and everything will reset after this phase ends. The length of this phase can be customised to 0, 5 and 10 seconds under the main menu options.
  • One round mode has been removed. Instead players can change the starting number of stocks or maximum score in the player select menu. This is also represented visually on player sprites.
  • Spiral Shot has been replaced with the Curve Shot, which slowly curves away and alternates direction every shot.
  • Some weapons now have their own internal modifiers that effect how they function, such as the reverse remote shotgun which can now randomise to be forward facing.
  • Replaced the normal blaster weapon with a weapon which shoots 4 projectiles that randomises between shooting in a cross or X shaped pattern.
  • Constant movement player modifier added.
  • Added slight knock back on damage away from the damaging object.
  • Screen shake, pointer recoil and player kick back effect has been added when firing weapons, each weapon has it’s own value.
  • Super kick back modifier added which triples the normal effect.
  • Momentum based player movement modifier added.
  • Environmental objects will move more predictably and will now only be squares and rectangles.
  • Sprint ability added a variation on the dash ability and is a sustained rather than a burst increase to movement speed.
  • Swapper ability added  that swaps player position with what it hits, a variation of the teleport ability.
  • Player modifier added that shifts player size in real time between large and small.
  • Added boost pad modifier for environmental objects, should pull objects to centre and redirect according to the direction of the arrow on the boost pad.
  • Blackholes can combine during both stages, resulting in bigger black holes with an updated duration.
  • Self destructs are now distinguished from normal kills and are shown on the results screen.
  • Added a Base Defense objective, bases can take 3 hits and will become smaller, destruction of a base will result in a player’s death.
  • Super power ups added as a sudden death mechanic, will periodically spawn in the centre when round timer ends and include increased projectile size, super speed, health up, reduced ability cooldowns and reduced size.
  • Two stage homing weapon added first stage is non lethal and fires in a straight line, when activated will briefly target the nearest object and become lethal.
  • Added a limited view modifier which darkens the screen except for around players and key objectives.
  • Replaced the time manipulation ability with a new two stage Time Field ability. The first stage deploys a circle area guide on the player’s position and upon further input turns into a localised field that distorts time. This ability can randomise into a field that slows or speeds up objects.

    Projectile trails are back and now players have trails which gives a better sense of motion and speed. The increased visual feedback when players shoot, get hit or die gives these events more impact.


  • Player health states have been changed to be more visible.
  • Death particle effect has been added.
  • Projectile hit animation had been added.
  • The screen shakes and a slight time delay (20-30ms) has been added when players are damaged.
  • Player sprites will flash when invulnerable (during the test phase and for a second after being hit).
  • New player sprites and bigger player pointers.
  • Reintroduced trails for players and projectiles which interact correctly when positions shift quickly.
  • Round time is visualised with the background filling in.
  • Cooldown pointer and capture point progress visuals have been changed.
  • Vectrosity guide lines replaced with sprites for bomber weapon and blackhole ability which should eliminate the possibility of lines that do not clear properly.

    I had issues with transparent sprites and had to change how capture progress is shown. The X shot weapon and swapper ability is also on display here.


  • Shield activate sound has been shortened.
  • Charge sound and release now has more bass to give it more oomph.
  • Sounds for shotgun and triple wave now have their own sounds instead of being the single version sound played 3 times simultaneously.
  • Added sounds for new weapons and abilities.
  • Successful capture sound has been added.
  • Player death sound changed.
The new player momemtum base movement which is subtle visually (but can defintely be felt when playing) and can be observed by watching the blue player’s trail.


  • Round will no longer end when player dies for the capture the point objective, instead the AI will attempt to capture the point to end the round normally.
  • AI can now target each other and will prioritise targets according to distance.
  • AI will no longer  use abilities or weapons when there is nothing to target.
  • AI uses the boomerang weapon properly now.
AI can now shoot each other! I actually die first here against 3 AI.


  • The long and thin environmental objects are slightly wider.
  • Block ability object is now bigger and square instead of rectangular.
  • The modifier that causes environmental objects to create smaller objects are now less small.
  • Single wave shot duration increased.
  • Modifier restrictions added, boost pads will not move and be normal in size.
  • Inactive bomber projectiles and black holes can be destroyed.
  • Environmental objects can only spawn a total of two additional objects on destruction.
  • Time limit for rounds scale according to number of players and AI.
  • Environment object movement will randomise alongside with other environmental behaviours. This means that objects cannot move and have other behaviours beyond their surface properties.
  • Environment object placement is specific to number of players.
  • Upon activation the boomerang projectile will rotate towards the user instead of apply a 180 degree turn to it’s current direction.
  • Sudden death for the defend base objective will always be a super power up and not walls closing in.
  • Orbiter ability removed, not as useful or fun as other abilities and does not interact well with warping boundaries.
  • Multiple black holes and homing projectiles can be created by the same player.

User Interface

  • Selected menu button is now white.
  • Increased deadzone for controller input in menus.
  • Input for P1 allows for both controller and mouse/keyboard by default, this can be toggled to controller only in the main menu options.
  • Added various tool tips explaining controls and various options .
Blackholes can now combine and be destroyed when inactive.

Bug Fixes

  • The bomber weapon will now remove itself properly when hitting boundaries that do not warp.
  • Extended the period that the bomber weapon explosion persists, which should fix player collision issues.
  • Orbiter and Blackhole sound effects have been rebalanced and shortened. The black hole initial sound should no longer repeatedly play when the round is ending.
  • Shooting the shotgun with the shield ability active should no longer conflict when players have altered sizes.
  • The reset option in the pause game menu will now correctly show notifications if enabled.
  • Projectile interactions with blue and white shields have been fixed.
  • The correct sound now plays for block and shield ability when players activate them.
  • Notifications for the last round will no longer show briefly before the start of the next round’s notifications when show modifiers is enabled.
  • Charging during the test phase and firing at the start of the round is no longer possible.
  • Walls stop closing in when round has been completed.
  •  The end round time slow effect should now always occur.
  • Restarting a game should no longer pause time during the test phase.
  • Weapons that require additional input now properly reset when projectiles expire.
  • AI ability sounds for held abilities should now work.
  • UI text should no longer show when the game is paused.
  • When a game ends notifications should no longer be shown over the summary stat screen.
  • Multiplying modifier for environmental objects no longer multiplies all at once and should now continue to multiply properly if under the maximum limit.
  • Weapon fire is no longer possible when game is paused.
  • Player abilities that use holding down the ability button should no longer deactivate before the ability button is released.
  • Shield size now scales proportionally to player size.
  • Environmental objects positions and rotations should propeperly reset after the test phase ends.
  • Capture progress will stay complete when someone has won the round and no visible progress should be seen at the start of the round.
  • First to kill objective now assigns score properly, self destructs wills no longer end the round prematurely and will now end if only one player remains without a kill occurring.
  • AI correctly triggers the internal cooldown for abilities that can be constantly maintained.
  • Shield ability will no longer disappear when ability button is released when the game is paused.
  • Cooldowns for blackholes combining now work as intended and prevents infinitely big black holes that last forever.
Introducing the new time field ability, you can also see how the round timer is shown by the background filling in.

Phew that’s it for now I’ll probably post up a gameplay video later on in the week.

Changelog for Readapt Build 6

This post will list all the changes contained in build 6 which you can get right here.

UI and Menu Improvements

  • Arrow keys can also be used in conjunction with W, A, S, D keys in menus.
  • Added a start game button in the player select menu to replace an additional input button to start a game.
  • Colour of the UI has been adjusted for player select screen and gameplay for better visibility.
  • Player select screen layout rearranged and menu size increased to be more visible and easier to use.
  • Added an option to return to player select screen when paused or at the end of the game.
  • If the show modifiers option is toggled on they will be shown during the countdown.
  • Now tracks number of rounds and displays them at the end game summary screen.
  • Numbers for start of round countdown removed, but sound remains.
  • Music and sound effect volume can be customised in the option section of the main menu.
  • All player settings are saved and will be recalled when returning back to the main menu  or when the game is launched again.

Gameplay Changes

  • Different game modes can be selected at the player select screen including Score (default),
  • Stock (players start with five lives and lose one per death) and a single round mode.
  • Speed setting added to player select screen with 3 settings (Slow, Normal and Fast).
  • Players will reset to original positions when round starts to allow time to experiment with movement.
  • Added modifier to change shape of environmental objects.
  • At the end of rounds the walls can close in fast and pause at periodic intervals.
  • Added modifier to rotate environmental objects.
  • Different number of AI can be selected and is compatible with all modes.
  • Repel ability now inverts direction when they collide and can now modify to light blue.

Visual Changes

  • More visual indications of who is capturing, color of player forms a square ring around the point.
  • Place holder black hole animation added.
  • Altered score overlay for players to make health values clearer when at maximum stocks.
  • Readjusted colours used for randomised backgrounds to make them easier to view.
  • Projectile trail removed, as it would often clutter up the screen.
  • Player sprites at the player select screen should reflect the value of the health setting.
  • Player sprites should appear or disappear according to number of players or AI selected in the player select screen.

Balance Changes

  • More delay added to delayed player pointer.
  • Reverse shotgun projectile size increased.
  • Increased cooldown for the charge weapon when not charging.
  • The repel ability now to originates from pointer rather than from the player.
  • Projectiles destroy themselves on contact with white objects.
  • Added a slight rate of fire cooldown to the rapid trigger weapon.
  • Boomerang weapon grows in size immediately on return.
  • Ghost ability internal cooldown increased to discourage activating and deactivating rapidly.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated to Unity 5.
  • Optimised music quality to reduce file size.
  • Menu music now plays when quitting from gameplay.
  • Music only re-randomises when restarting once during gameplay.
  • Music no longer overlaps when re-randomising.
  • Music continues to play properly when the game is paused.
  • Hit boxes of players are more accurate and properly represent their sprites.
  • Line paths are no longer partially hidden by the capzone.
  • Clicking on various UI elements will no longer highlight them  incorrectly.
  • Lines used for black hole, bomber or player paths will now properly remove after each round.
  • Fixed an issue where AI obstacle avoidance would remain active when players were playing.
  • Countdown beeps at start of rounds are now more accurate.
  • Music intro and looping during gameplay now syncs properly and the timing is independent of time scale.
  • Game pauses correctly if paused immediately after the countdown at the start of the round.
  • All abilities the require held input is now correctly used by AI with respect to cooldowns and their pointers will now show when they are using abilities and when cooldowns are active.
  • A game can no longer start if no AI or players are ready.
  • When a round is ending players can no longer die.
  • Stocks will now properly reset when choosing to restart the game at the end for stock mode.
  • Default player preferences now default to correct values when game is first launched.
  • Reflector ability correctly shows yellow instead of grey filling player points when in use.
  • Fixed a bug where player one did not win when multiple AI were defeated in stock mode.
  • Added AI behaviour to allow use of two stage abilities.
  • Cleaned up obsolete references and code.

Phew that’s everything! As promised there will be a gameplay video this week showing how all these changes manifest in the game. Thanks for checking out the changes and as always let me know what you think.

New Gameplay GIFs!

I know Screenshot Saturday is a thing but today is Sunday (at least for me) and I have always loved GIFs! Due to the rapid and fast rounds that occur in Readapt it shows fairly well in small GIF-sized chunks. The only thing missing is the sound and music, so be sure to check out the actual build and send me feedback!

All GIFs have been taken from the latest release which you find here.

One of the new modes: Capture the Point. If you look carefully the player character cannot move diagonally and each player can slow time. A new giant and duplication environmental modifiers are also in effect, giving the player ample cover to score by capturing.
The player character (circle pointer, blue body) is restricted to diagonal movement and is in a pretty hairy situation at one point but a well timed use of the dash ability solves this “problem” and manages to outlive the AI controlled player 3 (triangle pointer, yellow body). Notice how a death triggers a short pause, this allows players to figure out who has died and who to target next!
An interesting mix of modifiers: auto spinning players, charge weapons and the ghost ability. The environmental objects are blue (like the projectiles) and are dangerous, but careful use of the ghost ability lets players pass through them. The boundaries are also reflective!


A new build of Readapt (finally) and a list of changes.

I’ve finally gotten to a point where there is a new playable build of Readapt. I have probably sat on this one for too long and should have gotten it out earlier. I know some developers do weekly builds, I wonder if I could do that too.

You can play the web version in your browser here, its about 100MB, or you can download the standalone version (zip or rar).

If you like surprises you can skip reading and start playing!

So whats new in this build?

Music created by Tyler Johnson has been added to the main menu alongside nine gameplay tracks. The track number will show at the start of each round so players can give feedback on music they hear.  Music will randomised with the background colour, which is a nice change because I was getting sick of staring at grey. This also has the surprising side effect of changing the main screen colour occasionally, which I like too much to fix. I also experimented with tying the pitch of the music with game speed but I found the results quite jarring.

The ability system has been overhauled to allow for partial ability use by holding down the ability button whilse also supporting the old ability functionality. The player pointers have been updated to reflect this change. When an ability has been used but can be used again the pointer will drain like a meter with a yellow colour. Continual use will eventually empty out the pointer which will turn the pointer grey and black. At this point an internal cooldown is triggered, when the pointer turns yellow or completely white again the ability will be free to use. Some abilities will trigger a full cooldown as soon as they are used (like in the previous build). This probably sounds terribly confusing but hopefully is easy to grasp in game. Basically white or yellow is good to go while grey or black requires some waiting.

New game modes (first kill wins and capture the point) have been added and will randomised with each round. Hopefully this will keep players on their toes and prevent settling into too much of a rhythm or play style. The default mode where the survivor wins encourages a more defensive approach, hopefully these new modes will encourage and reward different strategies.

Stat tracking has been implemented and will display a  summary at the end of the match showing score, kills, deaths and captures. As new interactions are introduced they will be tracked and reported here.

Playing with AI is still an option but only against three AI opponents at once. AI has been reworked for the new ability system and now correctly uses weapons and abilities that require non-standard input. I have yet to add mode specific behavior but they are fairly aggressive (which works well for getting the first kill) and they can capture the point faster than normal as a group and will win automatically if the player dies. This is intended to balance out the fact that the AI is still stupid and will likely result in a lot of suicides. This is currently not a big problem as Readapt is intended to be played against other people. This mode helps out with testing and will need further work if I intend to keep AI in the final release.

Deaths are now made more obvious as they slow time for a brief period, allowing players to re-assess the situation and change their priorities accordingly.

The menu system has been simplified and has been supplemented with a player select screen, which defaults to 1P vs 3 AI. Additional players can join by pushing start and the match will begin when player one presses start or enter.

A slight visual change has been made to the bomber weapon, which now shows the each player’s pointer in the middle of the projectile to aid in identification.

The boomerang shot fires normally but now inverts direction when the fire button is pressed again, rather than relying on an inbuilt timer.

Some abilities have been re-balanced generally with lower cooldowns to allow more frequent ability use.  The orbiter object is significantly larger to make up for it’s difficulty of use.

Various ability and weapon objects are now removed correctly when the player or AI dies. However the circular dotted line guide for the bomber and black hole still persists occasionally.

New environmental object modifiers have been added including:

Rectangular shaped objects which provide interesting cover as players can push and rotate them.

A duplication modifier has been added which will duplicate the number of objects up to a certain limit. I tested larger object limits but AI pathing becomes too resource intensive.

Previously there was a modifier that made objects move in a circular motion this has been fixed and now works correctly.

The web player version of this build can be played directly in your browser and will not require downloading first.

I think that about covers it, various other small bug fixes and issues were also addressed but are too numerous to mention. Looking back on this build the large majority of changes are rather system oriented and with the next build I am looking to improve on adding more modifiers in each existing category.

Got feedback, suggestions, problems or bugs you noticed? Let me know I’d love to hear it.


Music and Press Coverage

I am pleased to announce that music is being made for Readapt, courtesy of the talented Tyler Johnson. I  got in contact with him on TIGSource after checking out his work on SoundCloud and was impressed with his variety of styles ranging from retro chiptunes to more modern music.  Some of my favourite tracks include Phermones (a chiptune track) and Aftermath (gave me a cool Mass Effect vibe).

So it was pretty awesome when he got back to me saying that he thought that the game was cool and he was happy to work with me. It’s always interesting collaborating with creative people from different disciplines and Tyler is no exception.

Initially we thought that an electronic minimalist soundtrack might be a good fit for the game, so Tyler sent me some demo tracks for the main menu and gameplay.

Main Menu Demo


Battle Loop Demo


After I added them into the game I liked how laid back the menu music was but found that both tracks didn’t quite fit the existing sound effects. This problem was most apparent during gameplay. After discussing this with Tyler I thought it might be an idea to try a chiptune soundtrack. You can check it out below.

Readapt Battle Loop 1


Readapt Battle Loop 2


This style of music works better as my sound effects are generated using Bfxr which would not be too out of place in a chiptune track.

I’m pretty happy with how the new soundtrack is shaping up, you can expect to hear these new tracks in the next upcoming build along with a host of other changes and more content.

In other news Readapt got featured in AusGamers Indie Friday Feature. It’s a neat weekly feature that highlights independent Australian games that are released or currently in development. I’ll continue to contact more journalists as development progresses in order to get more coverage and feedback. That’s it for now, expect a new playable build soon.