Build 6 of Readapt is done!

Hey it’s been awhile, despite the lack of posts lately I have been working on the biggest update for Readapt yet. This post will be fairly short, I’ll post more information about what has changed along with a new gameplay video later in the week, so keep an eye out for that. For now you can pick up the Windows version here.  It’s a good idea to read the readme, I’ve added a bunch of settings to allow players to customise their matches and change and rebalanced the game a lot. Check out the game, let me know what you think and stay tuned for more Readapt related news right here.

EDIT: I have removed the web player version due to issues with chrome and hosting on google drive.


New Gameplay GIFs!

I know Screenshot Saturday is a thing but today is Sunday (at least for me) and I have always loved GIFs! Due to the rapid and fast rounds that occur in Readapt it shows fairly well in small GIF-sized chunks. The only thing missing is the sound and music, so be sure to check out the actual build and send me feedback!

All GIFs have been taken from the latest release which you find here.

One of the new modes: Capture the Point. If you look carefully the player character cannot move diagonally and each player can slow time. A new giant and duplication environmental modifiers are also in effect, giving the player ample cover to score by capturing.
The player character (circle pointer, blue body) is restricted to diagonal movement and is in a pretty hairy situation at one point but a well timed use of the dash ability solves this “problem” and manages to outlive the AI controlled player 3 (triangle pointer, yellow body). Notice how a death triggers a short pause, this allows players to figure out who has died and who to target next!
An interesting mix of modifiers: auto spinning players, charge weapons and the ghost ability. The environmental objects are blue (like the projectiles) and are dangerous, but careful use of the ghost ability lets players pass through them. The boundaries are also reflective!


A new build of Readapt (finally) and a list of changes.

I’ve finally gotten to a point where there is a new playable build of Readapt. I have probably sat on this one for too long and should have gotten it out earlier. I know some developers do weekly builds, I wonder if I could do that too.

You can play the web version in your browser here, its about 100MB, or you can download the standalone version (zip or rar).

If you like surprises you can skip reading and start playing!

So whats new in this build?

Music created by Tyler Johnson has been added to the main menu alongside nine gameplay tracks. The track number will show at the start of each round so players can give feedback on music they hear.  Music will randomised with the background colour, which is a nice change because I was getting sick of staring at grey. This also has the surprising side effect of changing the main screen colour occasionally, which I like too much to fix. I also experimented with tying the pitch of the music with game speed but I found the results quite jarring.

The ability system has been overhauled to allow for partial ability use by holding down the ability button whilse also supporting the old ability functionality. The player pointers have been updated to reflect this change. When an ability has been used but can be used again the pointer will drain like a meter with a yellow colour. Continual use will eventually empty out the pointer which will turn the pointer grey and black. At this point an internal cooldown is triggered, when the pointer turns yellow or completely white again the ability will be free to use. Some abilities will trigger a full cooldown as soon as they are used (like in the previous build). This probably sounds terribly confusing but hopefully is easy to grasp in game. Basically white or yellow is good to go while grey or black requires some waiting.

New game modes (first kill wins and capture the point) have been added and will randomised with each round. Hopefully this will keep players on their toes and prevent settling into too much of a rhythm or play style. The default mode where the survivor wins encourages a more defensive approach, hopefully these new modes will encourage and reward different strategies.

Stat tracking has been implemented and will display a  summary at the end of the match showing score, kills, deaths and captures. As new interactions are introduced they will be tracked and reported here.

Playing with AI is still an option but only against three AI opponents at once. AI has been reworked for the new ability system and now correctly uses weapons and abilities that require non-standard input. I have yet to add mode specific behavior but they are fairly aggressive (which works well for getting the first kill) and they can capture the point faster than normal as a group and will win automatically if the player dies. This is intended to balance out the fact that the AI is still stupid and will likely result in a lot of suicides. This is currently not a big problem as Readapt is intended to be played against other people. This mode helps out with testing and will need further work if I intend to keep AI in the final release.

Deaths are now made more obvious as they slow time for a brief period, allowing players to re-assess the situation and change their priorities accordingly.

The menu system has been simplified and has been supplemented with a player select screen, which defaults to 1P vs 3 AI. Additional players can join by pushing start and the match will begin when player one presses start or enter.

A slight visual change has been made to the bomber weapon, which now shows the each player’s pointer in the middle of the projectile to aid in identification.

The boomerang shot fires normally but now inverts direction when the fire button is pressed again, rather than relying on an inbuilt timer.

Some abilities have been re-balanced generally with lower cooldowns to allow more frequent ability use.  The orbiter object is significantly larger to make up for it’s difficulty of use.

Various ability and weapon objects are now removed correctly when the player or AI dies. However the circular dotted line guide for the bomber and black hole still persists occasionally.

New environmental object modifiers have been added including:

Rectangular shaped objects which provide interesting cover as players can push and rotate them.

A duplication modifier has been added which will duplicate the number of objects up to a certain limit. I tested larger object limits but AI pathing becomes too resource intensive.

Previously there was a modifier that made objects move in a circular motion this has been fixed and now works correctly.

The web player version of this build can be played directly in your browser and will not require downloading first.

I think that about covers it, various other small bug fixes and issues were also addressed but are too numerous to mention. Looking back on this build the large majority of changes are rather system oriented and with the next build I am looking to improve on adding more modifiers in each existing category.

Got feedback, suggestions, problems or bugs you noticed? Let me know I’d love to hear it.


Email Questions to the SIPTG Podcast For Steam Giveaways!

Just a short friendly remainder that I still do the weekly podcast about all things video games with Mike, Graham and Steve. We cover what we have been playing, video game news, upcoming games and answer email questions. There is a permanent link to the site on the right and you can always subscribe to the Should I Play This Game Podcast on iTunes.

In attempt to entice some more emails Mike is giving away Amnesia: Machine For Pigs, Jazzpunk and Risk of Rain via Steam.  So get your emails in! You can reach us here, we always love hearing from listeners and will read and answer absolutely anything! Got a video game related question? Email us. Got a non-game related question? Email us. Do you just want to tell Steve he is a terrible person and Super Smash Bros. is real fighting game? You know what to do.

Aside from that Graham recorded an interview during PAX Australia with developer Robert Weirdt about their upcoming game Metal Dead Encore which you should also check out.

We are also planning to do a special end of year wrap up including our Game of the Year lists so stay tuned for that. That’s it for now, we hope to hear from you guys and gals!

PAX Australia Is A Pretty Awesome Time

Hey internet it’s been some time, rest assured I am still working on Readapt despite being busy with other things. One of those things was a spending 3 days at PAX Australia. Being a local with a passion for games (and working on my own) meant that PAX was a must go event.

I had attended Australia’s first PAX last year for a day and had a good time, this year’s PAX was bigger and better in every way. If you ask anyone about their PAX experience they will undoubtedly mention the people that run and attend it. There are few other times and places where you can walk up to anyone and talk about a hobby that you share. You don’t even have to know anything else about them, you can just talk and enjoy games together. This is a pretty rare thing to experience and it was really nice to be a part of, especially considering that the internet recently has not been a nice place for all gamers.

Me playing the versus mode of Puzzle Bobble (also known as Bust-a-Move) on the SNES with a friendly stranger. Note that the giant NES controller in the background is actually functional.

PAX is unlike any other event because it is literally run by gamers for gamers and it would not be possible without the 600 strong Enforcers who volunteer to make the show possible. There are interesting panels run by journalists, developers, pro-gamers and even academics. It was encouraging to see the Australian independent game scene in force in the expo hall and I had a ball playing them and chatting to the developers.

I tried playing some Tempest 3000 on a Nuon, I gave up after a few minutes (pretty much at this exact moment), it doesn’t really play well blown up on a giant screen. At least I can now say I have gamed on a DVD player.

There are even dedicated areas where you can play current games in the console freeplay area and old games in the retro section. PC gamers were not left wanting either with a huge PC free play area and a secure site where you could BYO PC rig to setup and play.

Console Freeplay Area
PC Freeplay Area

PAX also has a large zone dedicated to tabletop gaming from Magic the Gathering to traditional board games. There are tables upon tables of friendly people who are happy to sit down and teach you how to play a game that you have never played. It was also awesome to see so many people dress up as their favorite character from games, TV or even anime.

Me mulling over my turn in a ludicrously sized version of Cogz which is worth $2K, you could walk over the pieces which the creator says can support the weight of a car. The game was super fun (I sucked at it though) and it’s even MENSA approved to boot.
There was a lot of really detailed cosplay at PAX but this one takes the cake for me since I am a big Mass Effect fan. Wrex, Tali and Garrus look especially rad here.
Some good guesses for the final round of the Omegathon but no one was expecting the majesty of Combat on the Atari 2600. No one.

I hope that you can tell that whole event was extremely positive and everyone there was excited and wanted to be there. If you have even have a remote interest in games I would highly recommend going next year, it’s worth it alone just to soak up the atmosphere.

That’s it for me now, I’m going to be putting on the finishing touches on the next build of Readapt so keep an eye out for that.

Music and Press Coverage

I am pleased to announce that music is being made for Readapt, courtesy of the talented Tyler Johnson. I  got in contact with him on TIGSource after checking out his work on SoundCloud and was impressed with his variety of styles ranging from retro chiptunes to more modern music.  Some of my favourite tracks include Phermones (a chiptune track) and Aftermath (gave me a cool Mass Effect vibe).

So it was pretty awesome when he got back to me saying that he thought that the game was cool and he was happy to work with me. It’s always interesting collaborating with creative people from different disciplines and Tyler is no exception.

Initially we thought that an electronic minimalist soundtrack might be a good fit for the game, so Tyler sent me some demo tracks for the main menu and gameplay.

Main Menu Demo


Battle Loop Demo


After I added them into the game I liked how laid back the menu music was but found that both tracks didn’t quite fit the existing sound effects. This problem was most apparent during gameplay. After discussing this with Tyler I thought it might be an idea to try a chiptune soundtrack. You can check it out below.

Readapt Battle Loop 1


Readapt Battle Loop 2


This style of music works better as my sound effects are generated using Bfxr which would not be too out of place in a chiptune track.

I’m pretty happy with how the new soundtrack is shaping up, you can expect to hear these new tracks in the next upcoming build along with a host of other changes and more content.

In other news Readapt got featured in AusGamers Indie Friday Feature. It’s a neat weekly feature that highlights independent Australian games that are released or currently in development. I’ll continue to contact more journalists as development progresses in order to get more coverage and feedback. That’s it for now, expect a new playable build soon.