Build 7 is done, here are the changes and some GIFs!

This is another big update to Readapt which you can download here, the updates keep getting bigger so here is a bigger wall of text than last time but I’ll drop some GIFS here too.


  • Added a test phase at the start of each round where players can freely experiment with weapons, abilities and movement. Players are invulnerable and everything will reset after this phase ends. The length of this phase can be customised to 0, 5 and 10 seconds under the main menu options.
  • One round mode has been removed. Instead players can change the starting number of stocks or maximum score in the player select menu. This is also represented visually on player sprites.
  • Spiral Shot has been replaced with the Curve Shot, which slowly curves away and alternates direction every shot.
  • Some weapons now have their own internal modifiers that effect how they function, such as the reverse remote shotgun which can now randomise to be forward facing.
  • Replaced the normal blaster weapon with a weapon which shoots 4 projectiles that randomises between shooting in a cross or X shaped pattern.
  • Constant movement player modifier added.
  • Added slight knock back on damage away from the damaging object.
  • Screen shake, pointer recoil and player kick back effect has been added when firing weapons, each weapon has it’s own value.
  • Super kick back modifier added which triples the normal effect.
  • Momentum based player movement modifier added.
  • Environmental objects will move more predictably and will now only be squares and rectangles.
  • Sprint ability added a variation on the dash ability and is a sustained rather than a burst increase to movement speed.
  • Swapper ability added  that swaps player position with what it hits, a variation of the teleport ability.
  • Player modifier added that shifts player size in real time between large and small.
  • Added boost pad modifier for environmental objects, should pull objects to centre and redirect according to the direction of the arrow on the boost pad.
  • Blackholes can combine during both stages, resulting in bigger black holes with an updated duration.
  • Self destructs are now distinguished from normal kills and are shown on the results screen.
  • Added a Base Defense objective, bases can take 3 hits and will become smaller, destruction of a base will result in a player’s death.
  • Super power ups added as a sudden death mechanic, will periodically spawn in the centre when round timer ends and include increased projectile size, super speed, health up, reduced ability cooldowns and reduced size.
  • Two stage homing weapon added first stage is non lethal and fires in a straight line, when activated will briefly target the nearest object and become lethal.
  • Added a limited view modifier which darkens the screen except for around players and key objectives.
  • Replaced the time manipulation ability with a new two stage Time Field ability. The first stage deploys a circle area guide on the player’s position and upon further input turns into a localised field that distorts time. This ability can randomise into a field that slows or speeds up objects.

    Projectile trails are back and now players have trails which gives a better sense of motion and speed. The increased visual feedback when players shoot, get hit or die gives these events more impact.


  • Player health states have been changed to be more visible.
  • Death particle effect has been added.
  • Projectile hit animation had been added.
  • The screen shakes and a slight time delay (20-30ms) has been added when players are damaged.
  • Player sprites will flash when invulnerable (during the test phase and for a second after being hit).
  • New player sprites and bigger player pointers.
  • Reintroduced trails for players and projectiles which interact correctly when positions shift quickly.
  • Round time is visualised with the background filling in.
  • Cooldown pointer and capture point progress visuals have been changed.
  • Vectrosity guide lines replaced with sprites for bomber weapon and blackhole ability which should eliminate the possibility of lines that do not clear properly.

    I had issues with transparent sprites and had to change how capture progress is shown. The X shot weapon and swapper ability is also on display here.


  • Shield activate sound has been shortened.
  • Charge sound and release now has more bass to give it more oomph.
  • Sounds for shotgun and triple wave now have their own sounds instead of being the single version sound played 3 times simultaneously.
  • Added sounds for new weapons and abilities.
  • Successful capture sound has been added.
  • Player death sound changed.
The new player momemtum base movement which is subtle visually (but can defintely be felt when playing) and can be observed by watching the blue player’s trail.


  • Round will no longer end when player dies for the capture the point objective, instead the AI will attempt to capture the point to end the round normally.
  • AI can now target each other and will prioritise targets according to distance.
  • AI will no longer  use abilities or weapons when there is nothing to target.
  • AI uses the boomerang weapon properly now.
AI can now shoot each other! I actually die first here against 3 AI.


  • The long and thin environmental objects are slightly wider.
  • Block ability object is now bigger and square instead of rectangular.
  • The modifier that causes environmental objects to create smaller objects are now less small.
  • Single wave shot duration increased.
  • Modifier restrictions added, boost pads will not move and be normal in size.
  • Inactive bomber projectiles and black holes can be destroyed.
  • Environmental objects can only spawn a total of two additional objects on destruction.
  • Time limit for rounds scale according to number of players and AI.
  • Environment object movement will randomise alongside with other environmental behaviours. This means that objects cannot move and have other behaviours beyond their surface properties.
  • Environment object placement is specific to number of players.
  • Upon activation the boomerang projectile will rotate towards the user instead of apply a 180 degree turn to it’s current direction.
  • Sudden death for the defend base objective will always be a super power up and not walls closing in.
  • Orbiter ability removed, not as useful or fun as other abilities and does not interact well with warping boundaries.
  • Multiple black holes and homing projectiles can be created by the same player.

User Interface

  • Selected menu button is now white.
  • Increased deadzone for controller input in menus.
  • Input for P1 allows for both controller and mouse/keyboard by default, this can be toggled to controller only in the main menu options.
  • Added various tool tips explaining controls and various options .
Blackholes can now combine and be destroyed when inactive.

Bug Fixes

  • The bomber weapon will now remove itself properly when hitting boundaries that do not warp.
  • Extended the period that the bomber weapon explosion persists, which should fix player collision issues.
  • Orbiter and Blackhole sound effects have been rebalanced and shortened. The black hole initial sound should no longer repeatedly play when the round is ending.
  • Shooting the shotgun with the shield ability active should no longer conflict when players have altered sizes.
  • The reset option in the pause game menu will now correctly show notifications if enabled.
  • Projectile interactions with blue and white shields have been fixed.
  • The correct sound now plays for block and shield ability when players activate them.
  • Notifications for the last round will no longer show briefly before the start of the next round’s notifications when show modifiers is enabled.
  • Charging during the test phase and firing at the start of the round is no longer possible.
  • Walls stop closing in when round has been completed.
  •  The end round time slow effect should now always occur.
  • Restarting a game should no longer pause time during the test phase.
  • Weapons that require additional input now properly reset when projectiles expire.
  • AI ability sounds for held abilities should now work.
  • UI text should no longer show when the game is paused.
  • When a game ends notifications should no longer be shown over the summary stat screen.
  • Multiplying modifier for environmental objects no longer multiplies all at once and should now continue to multiply properly if under the maximum limit.
  • Weapon fire is no longer possible when game is paused.
  • Player abilities that use holding down the ability button should no longer deactivate before the ability button is released.
  • Shield size now scales proportionally to player size.
  • Environmental objects positions and rotations should propeperly reset after the test phase ends.
  • Capture progress will stay complete when someone has won the round and no visible progress should be seen at the start of the round.
  • First to kill objective now assigns score properly, self destructs wills no longer end the round prematurely and will now end if only one player remains without a kill occurring.
  • AI correctly triggers the internal cooldown for abilities that can be constantly maintained.
  • Shield ability will no longer disappear when ability button is released when the game is paused.
  • Cooldowns for blackholes combining now work as intended and prevents infinitely big black holes that last forever.
Introducing the new time field ability, you can also see how the round timer is shown by the background filling in.

Phew that’s it for now I’ll probably post up a gameplay video later on in the week.


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