Email Questions to the SIPTG Podcast For Steam Giveaways!

Just a short friendly remainder that I still do the weekly podcast about all things video games with Mike, Graham and Steve. We cover what we have been playing, video game news, upcoming games and answer email questions. There is a permanent link to the site on the right and you can always subscribe to the Should I Play This Game Podcast on iTunes.

In attempt to entice some more emails Mike is giving away Amnesia: Machine For Pigs, Jazzpunk and Risk of Rain via Steam.  So get your emails in! You can reach us here, we always love hearing from listeners and will read and answer absolutely anything! Got a video game related question? Email us. Got a non-game related question? Email us. Do you just want to tell Steve he is a terrible person and Super Smash Bros. is real fighting game? You know what to do.

Aside from that Graham recorded an interview during PAX Australia with developer Robert Weirdt about their upcoming game Metal Dead Encore which you should also check out.

We are also planning to do a special end of year wrap up including our Game of the Year lists so stay tuned for that. That’s it for now, we hope to hear from you guys and gals!


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