Music and Press Coverage

I am pleased to announce that music is being made for Readapt, courtesy of the talented Tyler Johnson. I  got in contact with him on TIGSource after checking out his work on SoundCloud and was impressed with his variety of styles ranging from retro chiptunes to more modern music.  Some of my favourite tracks include Phermones (a chiptune track) and Aftermath (gave me a cool Mass Effect vibe).

So it was pretty awesome when he got back to me saying that he thought that the game was cool and he was happy to work with me. It’s always interesting collaborating with creative people from different disciplines and Tyler is no exception.

Initially we thought that an electronic minimalist soundtrack might be a good fit for the game, so Tyler sent me some demo tracks for the main menu and gameplay.

Main Menu Demo


Battle Loop Demo


After I added them into the game I liked how laid back the menu music was but found that both tracks didn’t quite fit the existing sound effects. This problem was most apparent during gameplay. After discussing this with Tyler I thought it might be an idea to try a chiptune soundtrack. You can check it out below.

Readapt Battle Loop 1


Readapt Battle Loop 2


This style of music works better as my sound effects are generated using Bfxr which would not be too out of place in a chiptune track.

I’m pretty happy with how the new soundtrack is shaping up, you can expect to hear these new tracks in the next upcoming build along with a host of other changes and more content.

In other news Readapt got featured in AusGamers Indie Friday Feature. It’s a neat weekly feature that highlights independent Australian games that are released or currently in development. I’ll continue to contact more journalists as development progresses in order to get more coverage and feedback. That’s it for now, expect a new playable build soon.


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