A Video of Me Playing and Talking About Readapt

You can play this build and let me know what you think, download links below.

Webplayer build (Mac and Windows)

Standalone Windows Build



4 thoughts on “A Video of Me Playing and Talking About Readapt”

  1. Hey there again,

    After seeing more of the game, I am really am understanding where you are going with this now. I am getting a “Sports Friends” vibe from the game. I will try it out later to day and report back on what I think.

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    1. Hi again! Thanks for checking it out, I’m always interested in hearing from another developer. I did check out Glitch in the System, it reminds me of Geometry Wars and the soundtrack is pretty awesome too.

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      1. I tried it out and I really like the current game a lot, I got a chance to play 2 player as well as with the AI. I think that a lot of the problems that I have are related with instructions and giving the player enough time to process that information. I was constantly discovering that there was another aspect of the weapons or movement that previously totally unaware of. I didn’t know that some of the shots you needed to press the fire button a second time in order to actually use them.

        This is also evident in the color scheme and how that interacts with the player. While I think it is really clever to let the colors speak on what property the object has, I felt that I didn’t really know what the colors meant besides cyan (which I think should be red, which is typical in video games). I wasn’t sure what the difference between purple and gray were. If you were going for a different color scheme to the field, a great game to look at that does this extremely well would be Soundshapes, it is able to change the color scheme mid-level, and you don’t get confuse what does what.

        I also would warn you about using inverted controls as a parameter, while it does change up the gameplay significantly, it also can frustrate players who are trying to win and be competitive (I found this out in a game I am currently working on).

        With all that said, when everyone is on the same page and knows what is going on, it is a blast to play! It really satisfying to play and as you mentioned it is better with multiple people. Even though I was only able to play with 1 other player, I can definitely see the potential of the game. Nice work, keep it up!

        Oh, and thanks for check out Glitch in the System, Geometry Wars was a huge inspiration for the game.

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