Should I Play This Game Podcast

I’m a big fan of the guys at Giant Bomb, I’ve read and watched the hilarious yet informative stuff they have been making for years, even since the old Gamespot days.  My favourite weekly feature is without question the Giant Bombcast which you can find on their site and on iTunes. Over a month ago while browsing the forums I came across a thread asking about people in Melbourne interested in doing a podcast about video games. Sign me up! I enjoy podcasts, I listen to them while I’m working on my game or when I’m playing a game that has some down time, like Hearthstone.  Michael organises, hosts and edits the podcast, while Graham, Steve and I just show up and talk about anything remotely related to games. We have managed to record two episodes and we even have a website where you can listen to episode one. Like right now. Apologies if the audio quality is a bit average, we are looking into proper audio equipment sometime down the track (except for Graham, he has a nice mic). After episode two we will be taking a few weeks off and then we will return. In the meantime send in your questions via email (they can be about anything) and we will answer them near the end of each podcast. Oh I forgot to mention that Steve, our resident fighting game expert, thinks that Super Smash is a game for babies.


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